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These solutions and products are protected by U.S. Patent 8,713,054, 7,958,147 and other patents pending.




The productivity gains of the digital age lured organizations to mitigate the security of a paper based document classification and information control system in order to obtain the fantastic productivity provided by document development software and the communication capability of computer networks. By embracing the digital age, organizations effectively suspended “need-to-know” and some of the positive controls inherent in the 1950’s era, physical only, document generation and protection environment. The choice for digital productivity slowly created today’s complex and systemic security problems. As computers and networks proliferated and the attributes of document development software became more sophisticated combined with huge increases in the capacity of document storage media, the protection problem of sensitive and national security information has drastically increased.

Classification Marker-Suite (CM-Suite) provides security solutions for today’s digital environment to re-establish effective information security controls and oversight without hampering the gains in productivity.


CM-Suite Solution:

Document Classifier and Document User 

  • Easy to use point and click classification environment
  • Immediate access to classification guides and classification help
  • Positive and persistent user feedback on the classification value and the status of the entire electronic document
  • Informed electronic file protection decisions
  • Assurance of consistent marking standards and formats
  • Automatically assures “System High” classification marks for drafts and working documents


System/Network Administrators 

  • Easy to configure a security classification and marking scheme with custom classification marks and controls
  • Configurable classification access profiles for individual users or groups of users
  • Configurable classification marking formats, color, font, position, etc.
  • Assists in the identification of unnecessary or duplicative documents
  • Provides positive identification of document storage media as well as the cumulative classification value of the information stored for proper media control
  • Automated backup
  • Supports legacy documents on system
  • Supports multi-level classification networks


Security and Counterintelligence Personnel 

  • CAPCO National Security Classification and Control Registry pre-loaded for national security information
  • CUI classification preloaded for sensitive information
  • Custom Classification Regimes configurable to meet private organization protection requirements
  • Configurable portion by portion and/or whole document classification decision process
  • Provides real-time forensic tools to identify potential “Insider Threats”
  • Active and positive alert system for possible user insecure activities
  • Immediate and positive network perimeter breach warning system
  • Provides remote security inspection audit capability for network document storage media
  • Logs all active as well as deleted documents still potentially retrievable from storage media
  • Provides classification guide version control



  • More effective and consistent classification determinations
  • Reduced document classification training costs
  • Cost effective and common-sense document and information security process
  • Supports automated declassification and default classifications
  • Positive and easy identification of an organization’s documents / information on another organization’s network(s)
  • Eliminates excuses, by making the classifier and subsequent users of the document responsible for proper classification and proper protection of the information

Announcements ::

Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Security Classification and Marking Information In Electronic Documents

Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Marking And Tracking Classified Information In Electronic Documents

Released CM-Suite 3.0