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CM Perimeter (CMP)


This product is protected by U.S. Patent 8,713,054, 7,958,147 and other patents pending.


Classification Marker Perimeter (CMP) works in conjunction with our markering tools - CM-Classified (CM-C) and CM-Sensitive (CM-S), or our full featured network products - CM-Classified Network (CMCN) or CM-Sensitive/CUI Network (CMSN). It is a small and inexpensive software application installed on computers on your unclassified networks (non-national security or non-sensitive) to alert on a compromise of information.  These computers may have close proximity to, or dual users with, your classified or sensitive network. CMP constantly monitors in the background the unclassified or sensitive computers for the appearance of any document or the connection of storage media from the CMCN Network that did not go through a proper scrubbing/declassification process. Any breach of the security perimeter is immediately logged and email alerts are sent out to selected security/counterintelligence personnel.



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