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These products are protected by U.S. Patent 8,713,054, 7,958,147 and other patents pending.



Classification Marker for Network products incorporates our Classification Marker product and adds network oversight to the lifecycle of information. A network view is the primary focus producing a live or historical view of the document classification attributes on your network information. Information in files and emails monitored by our network products produce logs and warnings based on user activity. View log information that set forth print, save, accessed, warning activity, etc.. Immediate email notification are available for administrator select warnings through email alerts. This unparalleled information oversight capability can also provide the value of compromised data in lost media.


Classification Marker for Sensitive/CUI Networks (CMSN) incorporates our Classification Marker-Sensitive (CM-S) product.


Classification Marker Classified Networks (CMCN) incorporates our Classification Marker - Classified (CM-C) product.
































Announcements ::

Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Security Classification and Marking Information In Electronic Documents

Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Marking And Tracking Classified Information In Electronic Documents

Released CM-Suite 3.0