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These products are protected by U.S. Patent 8,713,054, 7,958,147 and other patents pending.



The WikiLeaks and Snowden debacles clearly demonstrate the need for our products to protect national security and sensitive information from the “Insider Threat”. Such “Insider Threats” apply equally to the private sector with equal commercial damage to corporate postures. Please review the power and flexibility of CM-Suite and Perimeter to counter these threats.

Digitaltide has developed a suite of patented security solutions to address the serious and systemic security problems inherent in digital information networks processing sensitive or national security information. Digitaltide’s rigorous solutions apply equally for the protection of the highest levels of national security compartmented information as well as private sector proprietary and other sensitive information.

Our flagship product, Classification Marker – Suite (CM-Suite), addresses the problems of properly classifying, marking, controlling and monitoring electronic documents/information on, and across, computer networks. Classification marks that are persistent in electronic documents are essential to holding document developers responsible for the protection of information and informing subsequent users of the document of the value of its informational content and thus proper handling of the information. Classification marks that cannot be removed or altered without an immediate security warning are essential to the protection and control of valuable information whether it be government national security related or high value proprietary or sensitive corporate information.

Please see our “Solutions” page to get a quick overview of how our CM-Suite provides information security solutions without interfering with productivity.

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Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Security Classification and Marking Information In Electronic Documents

Issuance Of U.S. Patent For Marking And Tracking Classified Information In Electronic Documents

Released CM-Suite 3.0